We have a wide range of flame systems available and the in-house expertise to customise them to match the specific requirements of our clients. With both liquid and gas based systems available we can select the effect best suited to an individual event. Flames are a unique effect with the sight, sound and the feeling of heat working all the senses of an audience. For sheer WOW factor nothing beats them.

Event FX work across the full spectrum of pyrotechnic effects covering fireworks as well as proximity pyrotechnics and stadium effects. Using the latest programmable wireless technology we can produce spectacular chases with pinpoint accuracy. Whatever your production requirements the services we provide will ensure it stands out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on our creativity and professionalism, as well as our absolute commitment to our safety first policy.

Cryo Jets produce a dense plume of white vapour. They can be fired at any angle either up from stages, down from trusses or horizontally towards an audience! They are a great combination of an instant and rapid firing visual effect combined with an amazing noise element. The inert nature of the gas means virtually no safety distance so they can be used just about anywhere. When Cryo Jets are combined with pyrotechnics they produce something truly unique!

Confetti and streamers provide a spectacular, instant and above all safe effect both indoor and out. Whether you are celebrating the winning moment of a sporting event, the final moments of a show, or punctuating a music performance, confetti and streamer effects will enhance any production. We offer an almost limitless range of shapes, colours and sizes. All our confetti and streamers are flameproof and non-conductive, we also offer a rapid bio-degradable version for use in outdoor environments where debris is an issue.